Fasteners and fixings

Fasteners for construction projects in Tewkesbury 

Do you need galvanised iron wire for your construction project? Contact your local supplier of quality fasteners, Allfast (UK) Ltd in Tewkesbury. 

Customised fasteners to suit your needs 

Whether you need special rivets, nuts, bolts or coach bolts, Allfast (UK) Ltd can offer you all of them at great prices. In addition to providing standard products, we can also supply customised products to suit your project. Request a quote today if you are in Gloucestershire. 
Hose clips

Nylon and copper fasteners 

We have various thread types available to suit our clients’ requirements. Iron, nylon and copper fasteners are often the most preferred materials for construction work. However, with our huge inventory of fastening supplies, you can rest assured that we can fulfil your needs no matter what material you order. 
Nuts and bolts

Rely on us for the following fastening products:

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